Cultivation and grape varieties

The cultivation of hitherto impossible Mediterranean and traditional autochthonous grape varieties is our challenge due to climate change. In the meantime, these grape varieties find a new home with perfect terroir and experience in cellar development.
We see ourselves as innovative pioneers of a renaissance of steep slope cultivation in historic top sites, especially terraced shell limestone steep slopes along the Neckar River.
The wines are vinified in professional and sustainable manual work: in manufactory.

Origin and locations

The wines of exNicrum come from the Neckar Valley. Wine was already cultivated and enjoyed here in Roman times. Our vine terraces are reinforced with dry stone walls and some of them are over 1000 years old. On the steep slopes above the river is laboriously worked and harvested by hand.
Our steep slopes are cultural-historical natural monuments – bacchanalian amphitheaters, with full exposure to the south, high-quality shell limestone and unique microclimate directly on the river.
The dry stone walls of our vineyards provide habitat for Mediterranean-like flora and fauna. The preservation of the unique cultural and natural heritage drives us to make outstanding wines. We thus ensure the aesthetic, cultural, and economic value of the landscape.


Dr. Herbert Müller

Entrepreneur, co-owner and shareholder
Fabian Alber, winemaker, cellar master, partner and managing director

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